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How to Enable AMP on Divi (One Click Solution)

Divi Theme is a brand new product from Elegant Themes that could revolutionize the way you build websites. Divi Theme allows you to modify not just your site’s content, but the site design itself, without having to change themes.

The Divi Theme will work perfecting on Non-AMP website (Normal website) BUT not on AMP pages and if you want the same design in the AMP pages also then you need to download our extension called Page Builder Compatibility for AMP, Which will work out of the box which means all your AMP and NON-AMP pages will be same.

It’s pretty easy for you to set up because it works out of the box.

How to Setup AMP Page builder.

  1. You can purchase the Extension from this URL Page Builder Compatibility for AMP
  2. Click on Buy Now button this page redirects to download this extension. Which type of package you want just select that package.
  3. Once you Purchase the plugin goto Account area and download the zip file.

How To Install / Upload Zip File

  • Login to WordPress Admin  option panel –> Plugins –> Add New –> Upload Plugin –> Choose file (Navigate to your Downloads folder then Select Downloaded zip file) –> Install Now –> Activate.
  • From the dashboard we go to the left-hand side in Menu bar go to AMP option panel -> Settings -> Divi Builder Support.

Scroll down a little to see this option

  • AMP Divi Compatibility: Once you enable this option Divi builder support it looks similar in Non-AMP(normal website) and AMP website.
  • Enter CSS URL: In this textarea, Add your custom plugin CSS links(URL) to get similar output like non-AMP and you can separate CSS URL by a comma.
  • Enter Custom CSS: In this textarea, you can enter your custom CSS code. If you want some CSS specific changes on your side, so add your CSS code here.
  • Load Fontawesome: Once you enable this option all font awesome will be supported in AMP.
  • Done! The Page Builder will be visible on the AMP version of your site.

How to set custom front page created with Divi builder

If you want to show this page on your homepage of AMP site then you need to turn on the static front page from amp general settings and select that page, which you have built with Divi Theme and that will be displayed on your AMP homepage.

Go to AMP option panel -> Settings -> General -> Enable Homepage option -> select custom front page option and then click on the “Save change” button.

Demo Of Non-AMP

To view of Non-AMP on Divi click here

Demo Of AMP

It is similar to Non-AMP only the header and footer design will be changed to the view of AMP on Divi click here.

To watch more demo of Divi click here

That’s it for this tutorial!

We hope it helped you. If you have any feedback or questions, then please share them in the comments section below.

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Updated on July 17, 2020

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  1. Hi, can i try before buying this plugin for Divi?
    Is there any discount for renewal after 1 year?
    Us there any option liderime licence ranger than annal like Divi?
    Thank you

  2. The Page Builder is not working on my site that has a DIVI theme (not just the DIVI Builder).

  3. The page builder not working with my website .I am using DIVI theme with DIVI builder.

  4. Yep I’m having the same issue where the plugin isn’t working. In fact my amp pages are broken when the pagebuilder compatibility is turned on.

    I submitted a ticket already but also commenting here in case someone sees this first.

    1. Hi Chad Boswell,

      One of our team member will get back to you as soon as possible.

    1. Hi Pedro Amador,

      It is already there in our roadmap and our team is working on it and it will be released in future updates.

      1. Do you have an estimated date to include in my road-map?


        1. Hi Pedro Amador,

          Currently, we’re working on other developments, so we cannot give you the approximate date/time because we work according to the queue basis.
          Once we complete the work we will let you know about it.

          1. Ok. You have no estimated date, so no control of your development.

            I will start looking for different solutions for AMP, because this DIVI functionality is basic, and was launched some time ago.

          2. Any news about this? This a very important feature in Divi.

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