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Understanding Addon Mode or Standalone Mode in AMPforWP

We now will be able to use the AMPforWP with the AMP by Automattic as well. Our aim is to provide important features to a wider audience and most importantly, providing a solution. It does not make sense for us to make a solution and limit them only to AMPforWP users.

We want to help each and every single user who can make use of our solutions, so that’s why we have opened our gates to AMP by Automattic as well. So, if the AMP by Automattic is installed, AMPforWP will act as an addon of it

We have two Modes in our AMPforWP plugin

  1. Addon Mode
  2. Standalone Mode

1. Addon Mode

If you are using AMP by Automattic plugin then you have only two settings which are general settings and analytics. But if you install our AMPforWP plugin then you will have more functionality such as an advertisement, GDPR, etc which is not provided by AMP by Automattic plugin.

In AMP by automattic settings, we provide this additional features.

In Addon Mode we are providing PWA support, minification, Provide third-party Analytic compatible, Structured Data, Notification & GDPR, Push Notification and contact form.

We also build Premium Addon Which is compatible and we have below the List of all Premium Addon.

  1. Advanced AMP ADS
  2. Contact Form 7
  3. Gravity Forms 
  4. Caldera Forms 
  5. Ninja Forms
  6. WP Forms for AMP
  7. AMP Rating
  8. Call To Action (CTA)
  9. Email Opt-in Forms

2. Standalone Mode

Standalone mode is the default mode of our AMPforWP plugin and it is independently & doesn’t require any other AMP plugin. in which we have advanced settings & more enhancement features like infinity scroll, SEO, page builders compatible, e-commerce support, AMP themes, archives support, and many more features are provided in this mode.

It works Flawlessly and gets complete AMP experience mode and here we get more features of this mode click here.

How to get Standalone Mode?

In standalone mode, we are providing more functionality for the user you need to install our AMPforWP plugin and deactivate all other AMP plugin.

We have also built so many extensions/Addons for this mode you can check the list here.

That’s it for this tutorial!

We hope it helped you. If you have any feedback or questions, then please share them in the comments section below.

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Updated on February 7, 2020

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    1. nao sei.. essa p¨$# nao tem suporte em PT brasil

      1. Hi gil aurelio rochadel,

        Will you please elaborate more about your issue so that we will understand and help you

      1. Hi Faeez,

        If you want standalone mode then you need to deactivate AMP by Automattic plugin and use only our AMP plugin and if you have issue/problem then contact our technical team – they will help you as soon as possible.


      1. Hi lucimara mendes barbosa,

        Will you please elaborate more about your issue so that we will understand and help you.

    3. Hello
      I installed the plugin and it is activated in Addon mode.
      I have an error message about its compatibility with Yoast SEO:
      The configuration of AMPforWP and Yoast SEO plugin is seems incorrect. Please go to AMPforWP plugin settings -> SEO -> SEO Plugin Integration and select Yoast SEO plugin from the drop down.
      But I can’t change this setting (AMPforWP plugin settings -> SEO -> SEO Plugin Integration) while in Addon mode.
      And I can’t find how to switch to Standalone mode?
      what should I do?
      Thanks for your help.

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