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You are the most important part of the AMP chain. You are the end user of this plugin and we want your suggestions and feedback so we can serve you better!

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So, we have been trying our best to provide a good support in the plugin forum page, but it is not enough to get your ideas, suggestions, and feedback. We need a better place where we can share ideas, talk about your priority with AMP and understand your perspective on the whole AMP scenario. Why? so that we can improve the plugin since we are already putting so many efforts in the updates, we want to make sure that we are focusing in the right direction.

This idea led me to create the Community which we are hosting on Telegram. Basically, it is a public chatroom for the AMP plugin, Plugin authors, 3rd party developers and WordPress community. Just create a free account on Telegram and then click on the button to join the community.

Many of you might not have heard about Telegram, but let me assure you that after you start using Telegram, you will fell in love with it, their execution is better Slack and Whatsapp. It is available on web, mac, windows and all apps. Native clients are really easy to use.

Join the AMP Community