AMP Page Builder Compatibility


What? The Page Builder Compatibility for AMP extension adds the support for the popular page builders like Divi, Elementor & WP Bakery. It’s near to an impossible task to support page builders out of the box because they all have different frameworks but we have tried our best to support team and we will continue to improve our compatibility so that we will be able to provide the “Out of the box” experience.

Which Page Builders? We are supporting Divi, Elementor & WP Bakery at the moment. It will support the default modules as well as the custom modules created by 3rd party themes or plugins. If you feel that something is not compatible then you can request us and we will make it compatible.

Expectation We can Guarantee that 90% to 95% of the design will look the same and if you don’t get the result then our team will help you set it up properly as well. If you feel that there’s a part which is not compatible but it’s important for you then you can just contact us and we will make it compatible for you.

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Our technical team is always there to support.

Divi Demo

and it's compatible with any design created with Divi, including the custom extensions written on the top of Divi.

Elementor Demo

and it's compatible with any design created with Elementor, including the custom Themes and Plugins written on the top of it.

Partial Compatibility of WP Bakery Builder

We also have partial compatibility of WP Bakery Page builder. It won’t be as perfect as the “One Click Implementation” that we have for Divi and Elementor but it still works considering if you are technical enough to set it up properly. We have tested it on many sites and it works but as I said, WP Bakery Compatibility is not a one-click solution.

  • Technical Support Team
  • Documentation
  • Plugin Updates

Future Roadmap

In the future updates, we are going to release the Brizy Page Builder, Site Origin, Fusion Builder, Thrive Architect, Beaver and Avia Builder.

Download this Extension after Purchase and Enable Page Builder Support with One Click!

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Do you have Ideas?

Do you want us to create compatibility for a Page builder which isn’t listed here? or one of the popular modules which we don’t support yet? then you can request it in the Idea board and we will implement the most voted feature as soon as possible.

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