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How to enable AMP on WP Divi Theme

Divi theme is one the best popular WordPress themes; It is loaded with tons of excellent features and options in one place to create a successful site on WordPress. Many Divi users confused due to its complicated design options and ending up with incomplete SEO settings.

For this kind of sites Google has come up with a new project called Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), By integrating AMP in your website load time increases to 4X faster, Decrease in bounce rate, more special visibility in search engines. You will be the best to be served by this implementing technology sooner rather than later because this accelerated Mobile Pages is specifically intended for post-like and Product-like content.

Implementing AMP on WP Divi Theme.

  • Login to WordPress Admin panel –> Plugins –> Add New –> Search for “Accelerated Mobile Pages” (By Ahmed Kaludi, Mohammed Kaludi) –> Click Install –> Click Activate.


  • After Activating the plugin, You will see a Message saying “This Theme requires following Plugin: AMP, Begin Installing Plugin” –> Click on Begin Installing Plugin –> Install (Check the below Screenshots)


Front Page Customization

Now Let us customize Divi Theme Frontpage by adding Logo, Menu and changing Color scheme in Divi Theme OptionsDivi Theme

This is how the Divi Homepage looks.

AMP Divi

Now Let us customize AMP Frontpage by adding Logo, Menu and changing Color scheme as per our Brand.


Adding Menu To AMP Pages

Now Let us setup Static Homepage with Inbuilt Blog Masonry Module (Recommended) from Divi’s Predefined Layouts

Divi Theme

Now Let us Setup Static AMP front page in AMP settings (General Tab)

AMP Settings

This is how Static AMP page looks by adding /?amp at end of the URL.


AMP on Single Post Page.

Divi Theme


Google AMP pages look kind of interesting because the AMP enabled pages to load 4x faster than standard pages. Integrating AMP on WP Divi Theme is easy and it enables you to stay on top in all Search Engines, glean the rewards without any hard work.

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Updated on August 21, 2017

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    1. Glad to hear that Matt, please do let us know your feedback, we will be glad to help you in getting your site fully compatible with AMP.

      Mohammed Kaludi

  1. Well, i must say that AMP has become the quite vital part for the bloggers as well as the business owners. I have just used the plugin for one of my client’s website and it worked brilliantly. I just followed the above-mentioned tips and it worked for me.
    I have a quick question if you can help out, I would like to make a website mobile-friendly without using any code part so is there any plugin for that? I have used couple of plugins but they didn’t work

  2. Quick question. Does this also work on the magazine themes from Elegant Themes that incorporate the Divi pagebuilder (e.g., Nexus)? And if so, when you’re using media-driven post formats like Video, Audio, Gallery does the AMP version show the media as the featured image?

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