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Month: February 2017

How to Create a Custom AMP Theme (Tutorial with Source Code)

Before you get started: This tutorial is for developers and the people who are not afraid of playing with the code. We are we going to do? We will be creating a custom theme for AMP from scratch. This theme will be update proof, meaning… Released – Stability Sprint #3 [51st Update]

There were some people reporting issues with false detection by Windows defender, so we had to fix and push this update immediately. The stupid windows defender was reporting an error in a normal javascript code that had nothing to do with what they are reporting,… Released – Stability Sprint #2 [50th Update]

I’m so happy to announce the 50th update of the plugin! It’s been a very hard but a productive week. We have been mostly working on fixing the bugs and making the plugins more stable. Let’s quickly see what’s changed: Fixed shortcodes issue in… Released – Stability Sprint #1 [49th Update]

We’re working on improving the plugin and this is a very new method that I have been planning to use. Let’s quickly see what’s changed: Emoji in comments leads to AMP errors Design 1 showing time on archives Added some space between the archive…

0.9.42 Released – New Design THREE Released! [48th Update]

I’m so happy to announce this update because it’s about my favorite topic, that is design. We have had 2 designs for a while now. It’s time for a fresh new design, so we are including a brand new ‘Design 3’ with this update. Me &…

0.9.41 Released – Disqus Comments Support Added [47th Update]

Really excited to announce the 47th update of the plugin where we have fixed many bugs and added a new feature called Disqus Comments Support. Let’s quickly see what’s changed: Disqus Comments in AMP Support Added [New Feature] – This feature can be enabled…

Free Extension: AMP Category Base Remove Support

Many users are using the plugin but have decided to remove the category slug from the category archive permalinks, which was causing an issue. But this was not the usual use case, so instead of adding it into the core plugin, we decided to make…

Universal Post Manager AMP Compatibility Snippet

If you are using Universal Post Manager plugin, then it is possible that you might be getting large buttons at the end of the post like this: How to fix this? Go to AMP settings, then navigate to Design tab and then paste this below…

0.9.40 Released – Biggest Stability Update [46th Update]

This is one of the biggest stability updates. You should update to this version real quick! Let’s quickly see what’s changed: Proper endpoints added [Improvement] Flush Rewrites properly [Improvement] REL Canonical properly getting added. [Improvement] Proper Frontpage Canonical added [Improvement] Added Base name support for categories…

Too Many Redirects & Other Redirection Issues

Hey Guys, Thank you so much for the amazing love & support.  Today, I would share the current status of the development of AMP for WP plugin. Recreating the issue The users are using the AMP for WP and it is working fine without any problems….