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Category: General

What’s Coming in the Upcoming Major AMP Update [with Special Christmas Discount]

As you may have noticed that we haven’t released an update in last 3 weeks, that’s because we have been working on a major update of the plugin which should be out in around a week. I just wanted to give you an update…

Ep2 of AMP Q&A Tuesday (10th October)

Catch me live every Tuesday live on AMP Q&A Tuesday. Thank you for watching.

Celebrating Indian Independence Day with 15% discount

We are celebrating this Indian Independence Day with a special 15% discount to all of our users. This discount promotion will go on for 3 days, so be sure to take as much as benefit possible. You can view specific details on this discount promotion below. Discount Code: INDEPENDENCEDAY2017 Coupon…

We will be out of office for next 3 days. (13th – 15th August)

Hey, Just thought I would let you know that our team will be out of the office for the next three days (from 13th August to 15th August) due to the weekend and the national holidays here in the India. We will be continuing the work…

We sincerely regret the inconvenience caused. Our Lead developer is having some health problems.

Hey, Just wanted to post this quick update. We have been getting a crazy amount of emails and chats, so it is taking time. Mohammed, our Lead developer is having some health problems and he is on bed rest at the moment. So, while…

Too Many Redirects & Other Redirection Issues

Hey Guys, Thank you so much for the amazing love & support.  Today, I would share the current status of the development of AMP for WP plugin. Recreating the issue The users are using the AMP for WP and it is working fine without any problems….

The Internet Changed Forever: Focus of Webmaster in 2017 & Beyond

The Internet as we know it has changed significantly in last one year because of the mobile adoption. Everyone was expecting this change since last 5 years, but web industry was not ready for this kind of berserk growth of mobile adoption. According to me, here are…

The Year 2016 In Review: WP Projects, Bold Move, Learnings & Growth

The year 2016 was very interesting, I started new projects, some of them went well and some didn’t, but overall it was all worth it because it helped me learn new things about the market and life. I also learned the importance of focus…