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Category: AMP – Guide

Structured Data

How to Setup Structured Data on WordPress

What is Structured Data? You don’t need rocket science to understand what Structured Data is if you can just dissect the meaning of the words involved. In a simple language, Structured Data means an organized form of data sets. Sounds simple? In fact, the…

AMP Web Push Notification

How To Integrate Web Push Notification on AMP

Web push notification is clickable rich content messages that are sent to users who are subscribed to a specific website. Web push notifications can be delivered to mobile(s) or tablet(s) even if the browser is closed. So, the user doesn’t have to be on specific website…

Advanced Analytics in AMP

The Definitive Guide to Add Advanced Analytics in Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Today’s world is significantly identified with two things: smartphones and internet. Both of them are so intrinsic to each other than talking about one thing in isolation is almost impossible. Any information from anywhere around the world can be accessed with the help of…

Host Disqus Comments on your own servers in AMP for WP

The goal of this tutorial is to modify the https server, which presently is set to our secure API, but if you follow this tutorial, you will be able to host it through your domain. Please follow the following steps: 1. Switch off the…

getting started with AMP

Getting Started With AMP

So you just finished installing AMP for WP and now you are wondering what to do? Then, this is the perfect guide to help you to set up AMP on your Website. Here are the 9 actionable steps that will take you through the…

link Ads using Advanced AMP Ads

How to Add Adsense Link Ads in AMP

In order to place link Ads in Accelerated Mobile Pages, one must use Advance AMP Ads Extension. If you don’t know, how to install Advance AMP Ads Extension Plugin, Here is a Quick guide, which lets you install Advance AMP Ads Extension. I am…

How to install Advanced AMP Ads Plugin Extension

How to install Advanced AMP Ads Plugin Extension

After installing & activating both AMP & AMP for WP plugins, you have to Upload one more extension Named “ Advance AMP Ads ” Extension, in order to use Link Ads, In content Ads, other Sticky Ads on your website. You can also place…

AMP for WP Installation Tutorial

How to Install & Activate AMP for WP Plugin: 1.  To install AMP for WP plugin, follow the below given steps. Go to Plugins > Click on Add New Search for AMP for WP In the results page look for AMP for WP – Accelerated…

How to add custom CSS in AMP with Hooks

If you want to modify the output of the AMP pages and want to add custom CSS into your AMP design, then there are two ways you can do that. Add it via custom CSS area built into the plugin or use hooks to add…

AMP Validation Errors and Solutions – Troubleshooting Google AMP Search Console

Google AMP as you know is the latest technology to help accelerate the mobile pages, but it has strict standards as to what you can do, just like any good technology. AMP does not stop you from using your creativity. You can literally do anything…