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Step-By-Step Guide for How to Insert ADS between post content in AMP

There is no need to mention why Adsense in important in websites. In the previous post, we have discussed on How to Activate AMP on WordPress site, Google Analytic for AMP and Customizing AMP, Many bloggers asking for How to add advertisements in the middle of the content in AMP version of the article post, So we come up with new ADVANCED AMP ADS extension to the Accelerated Mobile Pages Plugin. Now you can display Adsense ads in between the post content and Sticky Ad in the bottom of the screen.

Gogole AMP
Image Source: GoogleBlog

Have a look at the screenshots of Ads placed in AMP version of the website.

AMP Adsense

In Content Ads (Premium Advanced AMP ADS Add-On)


Downloading Advanced AMP ADS Add-On

Click Here to Purchase the Add-On for Accelerated Mobile Pages Plugin Worth $29.99

Click on Purchase –> Fill-In Billing Details –> Click Place Order –> Complete the payment by Debit / Credit Card.

After Successful Payment, Click Here to Download Add-On for Accelerated Mobile Pages Plugin from My Downloads Page.

Installing & Activating Advanced AMP ADS Add-On

Note: FileZilla FTP Client Required is to Activate the Add-On or Login to CPanel –> File manager

  • Navigate to Downloads folder –> Extract the advanced-amp-ads.Zip files to desktop (or wherever you like).
  • Open FileZilla FTP client –> Connect to Your WordPress Website.
  • In Remote Site Plane, Go to –> Root Directory –> Wp-content –> Plugins
  • In Local Site Plane, Go to –> Extracted folder –> Right-click on Folder –> Click Upload.


  • Drag and Drop the Extracted folder to Plugin Folder 


Activating Plugin

Login to WordPress Admin panel –> Plugins –> Click on Activate Advanced AMP Ads


Adding Advertisements

  • Login to Google Adsense Account –> Go to My ads tab –> Create New Ad Unit or Select Existing ad unit of any size –> Copy the AD Slot Id and Publisher Id

Note: Selecting Responsive Ad size is recommended for Sticky Ad.


  • You will find this option in the WordPress Dashboard -> AMP option panel -> Go to Advanced AMP Ads -> Paste the Publisher Id in DATA AD CLIENT Section and Ad Id in DATA AD SLOT Section –> Click on Save Changes

If you select Adsense option from Advertisement type below the option will appear like below the screenshot.

  • Responsive Ad unit: If you enable this option ad will be automatically adjusted on any device.
  • Width: In this field enter the width of Ads
  • Height: In this field enter the height of Ads



AMP is the most powerful and great innovation by Google, Integrating Adsense in AMP will stabilize your earnings without affecting user experience. There is much work ahead and more future updates on the way to bring more benefits to users and publishers.

That’s it for this tutorial!

We hope it helped you. If you have any feedback or questions, then please share them in the comments section below.

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Updated on June 7, 2019

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  1. Good to hear about extension, is there any similar extension (add-on) to add Facebook Page. And I am confused in what is Publisher ID and AD I’d but this website cleared my doubt

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    i am planning to buy paid advertisement app but i dont want yours advertisements.. Let me know how should i remove them ?

  5. is there anyway to run my own banners? I am not monetizing using adsense.

  6. We’re also interested in running our own internal ads. This would be very helpful to highlight our own products and services.

  7. After disabling all ads in the plugin, it still appears after the second paragraph and at the end of the article. How to solve this problem? removing and reinstalling the plugin did not help

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