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Ideal Settings for AMP

Here are the Ideal Settings for AMP Recommended by Us.

After Installing & Activating our plugin,

Step1: Copy the Below code

Step 2:

  • Go to AMP settings > Import / Export > Click on Import from File 
  • Now paste the Above Copied Code.

After doing this, you need to Add Logo, Analytics & Structured Data. 

Step 3:

To Setup logo Go to AMP settings > Getting Started > General > Logo

Upload a logo for the AMP version of your website.


It is recommended to set up Analytics on AMP version of your website.

To Add Analytics on your website, Go to AMP settings > Getting Started > Analytics. 

For example, if you choose Google Analytics, Enter your Google Analytics ID.

Structured Data:

  • Go to AMP settings > Getting Started > Structured Data
  • Upload the logo you want to show in Google Structured Data.
  • Upload the Image you want to show as Placeholder Image
  • Finally, Click on Save Changes.


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Updated on July 26, 2017

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  1. I have already configured AMP. Will importing the code in step 1 and 2 interfere (overwrite) any of my existing settings?

    1. Hey Jana,

      Yes. It will.

      If you import the Above Code, it will overwrite the existing settings.

  2. hello,
    amp working well on my site,but, how to add another category post?do i need edit on singel.php or add shortcode on custome page?

    1. Hey Budi,
      Go to AMP settings->Single-> here you can add number of posts you want to show in related posts.

  3. Hello I have added amp feature to my site but not able to show google ads on my website. Is there any tutorial on it ?

  4. When users click on the sharing icons at the bottom of a post, the link being shared is an ugly link. How do I change this so it is using the pretty link format (post-name/amp)? I’ve tried flushing the permalinks several times.

  5. Hello.
    The amp not working on landing pages; works on homepage only. On the other pages it redirects them back to the homepage. How can I solve this.

  6. So After that, every article (Page) will change to AMP automatically

  7. Hey, do these “ideal settings” include the option to embed youtube videos into the AMP? (or does that happen automatically?) thanks

  8. hi, after setup amp for wordpress site, how to add in “Non-Google” monetize network advertisement???

  9. I want my visitors to be directed to non-amp articles when they click on the links in amp pages. I disabled the “Auto Add AMP in Menu URL” option but nothing happened. How can I solve this problem?

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