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How to properly uninstall the AMP plugin with data.

If you want to completely remove all of its data when uninstalling AMPforWP plugin for this follow below steps.

You will find this option in the WordPress Dashboard -> AMP Option Panel -> Settings -> Advance Settings -> Enable this “Delete Data on Uninstall? ” option and then click on the “Save Chnages” button.

Scroll down a little to see this option

  • Delete Data on Uninstall: If you enable this option and then uninstall the plugin then all the data which was saved in the database will also be removed once you uninstall our plugin

That’s it for this tutorial!

We hope it helped you. If you have any feedback or questions, then please share them in the comments section below.

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Updated on November 26, 2019

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    1. When I put in my wordpress Visit AMP, the site I see is one that have two green buttons with this text.
      Get Started Free
      no credit card required.

      How is the way to change that ?

      1. Hi alejandro

        Will you please provide us exact URL where you are having an issue so that we can check and fix it immediately.

    2. Hello,

      What steps do I need to take to delete AMP off my website? I have a ton of articles that are #1 on google and don’t want to lose them.

    3. Hello There!
      I want to remove AMP from my WordPress website. How can I do that safely? so that my all indexed amp pages again converted into non amp and all the future post will be non AMP

    4. I believe I installed and uninstalled your plugin at one time. I think I did choose to delete the data when I uninstalled it. I can see loads when I check my site with Google Page Speed Insights. I don’t have any AMP plugins installed currently. I’m hoping there is a way to delete the leftover data so it doesn’t continue to slow down my site loading speed since I’m not utilizing AMP functionality. Will you please advise if there is a way to do that? Thanks!

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