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How To set up Auto Ads in AMP

There are three ways to Add Auto Ads in AMP:

  1. By AdsforWP plugin
  2. By Advanced AMP ADS extension.
  3. By AMPforWP plugin

1. With the help of AdsforWP plugin.

You can download ADSforWP Plugin from here.

After installing this plugin Ads option will be displayed on the WordPress dashboard ->Ads Option -> create new Ads.

  • First Select the AdSense Option then Select the type Ads “Auto Ads” then you need to enter the data client ID ( publisher ID )
  • Click on Publish button your Auto Ads will be displayed on AMP pages.

2. With the help of Advanced AMP ADS extension.

You can download Advanced AMP ADS extension from here.

  • First, Go to WordPress admin area ->AMP option panel -> Advanced AMP ADS.

  • AMP Auto Ads: Once you enable this option script will automatically be added in the head tag.
  • AMP Auto Ads Code: In this textarea, you need to paste the Auto Ads code from Google AdSense.
  • Click on saves change button your Auto Ads will be displayed on AMP pages.

3. With the help of our AMPforWP plugin.

  • First, go to WordPress admin area ->AMP option panel -> Settings -> Advance settings.
  • Enter HTML in Header: In head tag, you need to add Auto Ads script tag.
  • Enter HTML in Body (beginning of body tag): In body tag, you need to add Auto Ads tag.
  • Click on save changes button your Auto Ads will be displayed on AMP pages.

Troubleshooting of No anchor element found in Auto Ads :

  • Use standard ads instead of the Auto ads. because google Auto Ads are like experimental ads by Google.
  • You can display your Ads in a certain area by using standard Ads.

Note:We just only place the markup for Auto Ads but google will decide where and what time to display the Ads in your website.

That’s it for this tutorial!

We hope it helped you. If you have any feedback or questions, then please share them in the comments section below.

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Updated on July 15, 2019

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  1. Hello, I am an ampforwp user and fan, and before I put sticky ads and automatic ads on ampforwp it went smoothly, but later I checked it turns out that the ads don’t want to appear even though I have installed the ad code. Please inform me how to deal with that?

    1. Alviyatun,

      It’s really strange to hear that the Ads are not working, will you please provide us the screenshot and exact URL of your website so that we can help you.

  2. after one-day implementing amp for WP. on mobile non-amp version getting loaded.
    No auto ads.
    but on non-amp version overlay ads only showing.

    what wrong has been done?
    how to fix is the site.
    new to all this, please help.

    1. Hi Raúl De Padua,

      Will you please provide a screenshot where you place auto ads so that we will check and help you as soon as possible.

  3. I pasted the auto code of google adsense and after going to advanced settings of the amp, since then the error of my google webmaster javascript started coming, so please just want to know how I lagau in auto amp code amp version of google adsense

    1. Hi shani kumar,

      Will you please provide us the URL of your website so we will check from where you are getting issues and help you.

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