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How can I Access the AMP version of my Website?

To find AMP-URLs of your website, kindly visit From there you can see the AMP version of your website.

PS: Replace with your website URL.

You might think, Will it create Duplicate Content Issues?  The Answer is No.

It will not create Duplicate Content issues because we use Rel Canonical Tag which relates AMP content to its Original content without losing ranking or causing duplicate pages.

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Updated on March 22, 2019

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    1. hi
      I run a travel affiliate site . Can I embed 3rd party java script booking & search form into amp version? when I used your free version I realised that this kind of script is eliminated


      1. Hi khaled ghazi,

        Thank you for using our plugin!

        To make the Post/Pages fast on the search engine, Scripts are not allowed in AMP. It’s officially announced by Google AMP.

    2. “Alternate page with the proper canonical tag” it makes my mobile site and amp site did not valid on GSC

    3. Hi I have activate the amp plugin. but got a issue on web page its showing not get amp pages in webmaster tool and showing amp error. how can i resolve this.

    4. Hi ,
      Is there a way to change `url/amp` to `url/amp-custom` ?

    5. Yes, I have installed the plugin when I visit it redirects to the normal home page.
      Also, when I try to do a test at google’s amp test site it tells me it is Not a valid AMP page.
      Yes, I have cleared the cache numerous times.

      What could be the problem?

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