Guide to E-Commerce for AMP

Why AMP?

The majority of people browsing the internet on mobile, in 2G or sometimes 3G. Google came up with a great initiative called Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), It is innovated to solve the biggest problem of the mobile web – Speed. AMP is the perfect answer to the horrifically slow mobile web. when the web page loads quickly, the mobile user will view more web pages on that site, Hence Decrease in Bounce Rate. When Bounce Rate reduced and it improves the on-site user experience. So, AMP is designed to take user mobile experience to next level. There are few Key factors that need to be considered Why Blogger or Webmaster should be using Accelerated Mobile Pages.

Faster mobile pages + Readable content = Better User Experience

  • Essential for good mobile SEO.
  • Will reduce Website bounce rate.
  • Makes Pages load faster.
  • Improves Search Engine Ranking.
  • Easy User Tracking.
  • Most Recommended by Google, Loved by Google.
  • Designed to be heavily cached.
  • Special appearance in Search Engines ( With large Image Thumbnails)
  • Mobile friendly UI
  • Improved click-through-rate

 accelerated-mobile-pagesAMP Loading Time

ECommerce for AMP

Google has built Accelerated Moble pages (AMP) to be great at handling news and blogs. Amp allows any blogger or webmaster to create high performing websites on any platform. However, the ambition of AMP is to make the mobile experience better and faster. Many people are thinking AMP is only for news and blogging websites only, but AMP is also best suitable for E-Commerce Websites . Google Said ” AMP is a natural fit for e-commerce because AMP makes web pages fast, and fast pages help with purchase conversions.

Based on the says that an E-Commerce website which makes $100,000 per day,  could potentially lose $2.5 million in sales every year if a page has a delay of just 1 second!

AMP Loading time

EBay leverages Google’s AMP for faster Mobile Shopping

E-commerce company eBay has announced that it has started open source Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) technology for more quickly displaying web pages on end users’ mobile devices.

EBAY is the first E-Commerce website to start using the Google Open Source Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Technology for more mobile friendly and quickly displaying web pages in mobiles. Around 15 Million Ebay web pages are AMP’ed and Live now.

“The AMP project was announced around the same time we started the initial brainstorming for a browse. It seemed to resonate a lot with our own thinking on how we wanted to render the new experience” Said Senthil Padmanabhan (eBay principal web engineer).

AMP WooCommerce

In today’s consumer-centric and tech lead world, it is important to provide faster access to web pages. For online retailers especially it is extremely important  to provide better browsing services besides the quality products, so as to retain customers. So, Ebay has decided to use AMP pages on the similar lines.

Initially, AMP was targeted mainly towards publishers, eBay is the first to try out AMP for e-commerce purpose. Senthil Padmanabhan, principal engineer at eBay said that the pages which implement AMP on eBay’s mobile site are SEO focused pages. Thereby having AMP helps customers who come to eBay indirectly, such as from Google or Twitter.

He further elaborated that the main intention behind using AMP for eBay’s mobile site as to avoid the traffic and provide customers an instant access to the information they are looking for.

In terms of content, there would be no much difference between an AMP and non-AMP product browse page, says Padmanabhan. “We do not have the search box in the AMP header; other than that, the look and feel should pretty much be the same,” he says.

AMP WooCommerce

In terms of coding, there is just a difference of 15% between AMP and non-AMP page. One of eBay’s 2016 goals was to improve its browsing, so the timing of AMP’s debut fit well, he says. Building pages for AMP added a few weeks to the work eBay already had planned, Padmanabhan says.

Similarly, eBay’s Padmanabhan shares that he is uncertain if redesigning to Accelerated Mobile Pages will mean more portable deals. Nevertheless, eBay by using AMP on its mobile site is trying to draw in more users by a way of providing quick access and better browsing facilities.

By adopting AMP pages eBay is believed to reach its goal of having more satisfied clients. Such an investment towards an enhance user experience is ought to show results in terms of returns and higher revenues over the long term, if not immediately.

How E-Commerce can profit from AMP

  • AMP Pages are 4x faster.
  • Consumes 10x fewer data when compared to Non-AMP pages.
  • AMP pages loads in less than 1 second.
  • 90% of publishers experience high CTRs and high viewability rate.

How to enable ECommerce for AMP for WP

Walk through the below steps to enable AMP WooCommerce for your website

  • Login to WordPress Admin panel –> Plugins –> Add New –> Search for “AMP WooCommerce” (By Mohammed Kaludi) –> Click Install –> Click Activate.

AMP For WooCommerce

  • AMP WooCommerce Plugin requires default AMP plugin, Go to Plugins –> Add New –> Search for “AMP” (By Automatic) –>  Click Install –> Click Activate.

AMP for Woocommerce

Now let us see how website loads and looks after activating the plugin.



Faster loading time, high CTRs, Mobile friendly: AMP sounds like interesting and must have. Google loves to see AMP on your E-Commerce Site. This is the great opportunity to provide the better user experience. AMP is relatively simple to implement. There are many features on the way to bring better user experience.

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Updated on March 22, 2019

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      The AMP plugin author name has been changed from Automattic to AMP Project Contributors now

    1. Hi Hannan,

      We have stopped the development on AMP Woocommerce plugin and we are consistency working on AMP WooCommerce Pro plugin and in that, we have added a lot of advanced features and that is the only one plugin you need if you have an e-commerce website.

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