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How to create Active Campaign form in AMP

The following are the steps to create Active Campaign Opt-in form in AMP

Step 1: Login or SignUp at Active Campaign

Step 2: Create or select a list


Step 3: Create or select a form

Create new form

Step 4: After creating a form, from the embed section copy the url and list id as shown in the image.


Step 5: Now create an AMP Opt-in

Add New Optin
Add New Optin

Step 6: Now select Active Campaign from Dropdown and enters the URL and Listid

Optin form setting

Ready to Rumble!

You can read more about creating AMP opt-in forms here: Opt-in-forms-in-amp

And can read about AMP Opt-in Forms here: Opt-in Forms

Updated on November 4, 2017

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  1. Hi there,

    I just purchased your product and trying to implement it. The list ID field is missing unfortunately.
    Can you help me out there?

    1. Hi Hauke,

      What issue are you facing?

      You can contact us at team@magazine3.com, our team will help you to set it up.

      Let me know your progress on this.


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