Theme Structure (Hierarchy)

The recommended structure for the theme is the following.

We’ve made a very simple structure where we need only one folder for the theme and inside of it all the files shown above.


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Updated on September 9, 2017

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  1. How exactly would one be adding background images to the CSS code? Will it be ok to create an images folder in this folder and add the images therein, and give the path in the css code (style.php)?

    1. Hi Varun Gupta,

      If you want to change the background images of any section then you need to target any specific id or class and past this code in Global -> Custom CSS.

  2. I already have a theme for web version. How can i use this amp theme with other child theme? Or how can i integrate templates of amp in my current child theme?

    1. Hi Akash,

      Yes with the help of our AMP Theme Framework plugin you are design your AMP pages AMP Theme Framework plugin please install and activate it by using this plugin you can change anything in your AMP website.

  3. Hello,

    I’m new with work with AMP.
    Where can i see this path?
    Thank you in advanced

    1. Hi B.K,

      If you install our plugin then we have 4 designs from which you can choose from and if you don’t like them and you want to create your own design then you need to install and activate one more free plugin which you can download from here – and in that, you will see the theme structure

  4. Can we have different page templates for our custom pages like the hierarchy WordPress supports for example single-$posttype-.php or page-$slug.php ?

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