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How to Add Adsense Link Ads in AMP

In order to place link Ads in Accelerated Mobile Pages, one must use Advance AMP Ads Extension. If you don’t know, how to install Advance AMP Ads Extension Plugin, Here is a Quick guide, which lets you install Advance AMP Ads Extension.

I am choosing Incontent Ad #1 & Incontent Ad #2,  for better understanding the Use of Link Ads in AMP. I am going to place two Different link Ads to show how they perform.

i) Incontent Ad #1

  1. Turn on Incontent Ad #1
  2. Choose Ad Network. Here I am choosing Google Adsense because I want to show Google Adsense Link Ads.
  3. Choose Where do you want to show Ads? Here i want to show Ads After 1st Paragraphs
  4. Width & Height. These two are Mandatory fields.
  5. Enter Data Ad Client. It is nothing but Your Adsense Publisher ID.
  6. Finally Data AD Slot. Data AD Slot is a Unique Ad Id which is available inside the Ad code.

AMP doesn’t support Responsive Link Ads. Why? Because the concept of Responsive Ads is to make Ad become responsive according to the Device, and AMP is specially made for Mobiles. Hence Responsive Link Ads doesn’t work with AMP. For this purpose, you have to Declare Width & Height of Ad.

Here I am going to share which size Link Ad perform Well in AMP.

First of all let’s have a look at Adsense Link Ads Sizes


Link Ads

There are total 7 type of Links ads in Google Adsense. Among 7 there are only 4 link Ads, which Appear best and perform well in AMP.

  1. Responsive – Unsupported in AMP X
  2. Horizontal Large 728×15 – Bad Appearance X
  3. Horizontal Medium 468×15 – Bad Appearance X
  4. Vertical X-Large 200×90 – Best Appearance
  5. Vertical Large 180×90 – Best Appearance
  6. Vertical Medium 160×90 – Best Appearance
  7. Vertical Small 120×90 – Best Appearance

For instance, I chose 728×15, let’s see how it looks in AMP

Link Ads

You can see, how small does 728×15 look in AMP.

So i recommend you to choose link ads which are having Appropriate Width and Height. For example consider 200×90

In Incontent Ad #2, i chose Adsense Link Ad size 200×90.

Incontent Ads

Let’s see how 200×90 Link Ad appear in AMP

Link Ads Appear

200×90 looks perfect in AMP version of your website. Isn’t it?

So it is recommended to use Adsense Link Ads which are having Appropriate Width & Height.

How to get Data Ad Client & Data AD Slot:

  1. Choose link Ad size > Generate Ad Code.
  2. Copy Ad Code
  3. Paste Ad Code in a Notepad
  4. you can get Data Ad Client & Data AD Slot from Adsense code itself.

Data Ad client

Hope it helps.




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Updated on November 4, 2017

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    1. Hi,

      We can use Advertisement tab option in the AMP Setting> Advertisement instead of Advance AMP Ads option for Adsense Ads only.

    2. We can use Advertisement option instead of Advanced AMP Ads for Adsense only. If you want to add the third party ads like Taboola, DoubleClick, etc, you can use the Advanced AMP Ads Extension.

      You can find this option in AMP Setting > Advertisement.

  2. 200×90 generally shows two advertisers links. Responsive link ads unit shows up to 4 advertisement. Now if I need to add that, how will I?

  3. I am getting an error when I activate the Paid AMP ADS extension:

    The tag ‘amp-ad extension .js script’ is missing or incorrect, but required by ‘amp-ad’. This will soon be an error.

    I deactivated the plugin extension, tested and the error was not there anymore. Deleted the plugin extension, reinstalled and the error is back.

    Help!! What can I do?

  4. I don’t know if this helps but yesterday I installed the plugin onto another site (they have their license) but I didn’t ask them for their zip file. Can that be causing this issue?

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