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Getting Started with AMP Theme Framework

An introduction to how AMP themes work.

If you are about to create a new theme for AMP, then we recommend you to start from here.

Building themes for AMP is so easy, that it doesn’t even require a documentation but we are still going to have one because we want to allow non-developers to also contribute back to this project.

About AMP Themes

It’s easy to create and maintain the AMP themes. Everything we use in the template files is created as a component and these components are added to the core plugin. So you never have to use a raw code which could mess up the functionality of the AMP.

Each component is loaded into a PHP function, so you just have to call that component by adding simple PHP function and you will be able to get that specific functionality working.

It’s a heaven for Frontend developers because they can be experimental and play around with the code easily.

Anything you can think of is possible to achieve with the help of this theme framework.


Every component and File is extendable and has its own backend process but you don’t have to worry about the coding aspect of it because we take care of it.

We are so dedicated to this project that we will be releasing constant updates of this framework and the components.

As the time passes by, everything will become more extendable and easy to use.

Next STEP would be to have a look at How to Activate the theme >

or you can directly jump to AMP Theme Folder Hierarchy

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Updated on September 9, 2017

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