AMP Cache

In this tutorial, we’ll be seeing the setup of our revolutionary plugin “AMP Cache“.

Here are the steps :

  1. Download and Install
  2. Upload and Activate
  3. Done! The AMP Cache will be visible on the AMP version of your site.

For more details how to upload extension click on this link  Upload and Install.

Step 1: First, Go to the WordPress admin area -> Click on AMP option panel -> AMP Cache.

Step 2: Enable AMP Cache option and Save the changes, which will start caching your AMP and makes your site to load AMP with lightning fast speed.

This would complete your setup for the AMP Cache.

Compression Mode: Once you enable this option it will increase the performance with compression mode.

Auto clear cache? : Once you enable this option it will automatically clear the cache.

Set the Time Internal: In this field, you can Set the Time internal it will clear cache automatically. In this field, you need to enter the Hours in numerics (eg: 12) no need to add AM/PM.

Clear Cache: Using a checkbox below the AMP Cache option from where you can manually clear the cache

this will clear the cache of AMP.

Important Note:

If you’ve made any changes in the AMPforWP Core settings then you need to clear the cache for AMP which then reflects the changes immediately.


You won’t be able to see the caching when you’ll be logged in to your WordPress account, you need to see either in Incognito mode of your browser or log out of your site.

That’s it for this tutorial!

We hope it helped you. If you have any feedback or questions, then please share them in the comments section below.

Updated on April 17, 2019

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  1. Will it increase my AMP website speed score in google page speed??

    1. Hi Badrish,

      Yes your Google Page Speed will definitely increase on all your AMP pages after you install our AMP cache extension and if you have don’t see any result then you can reach out to us and we will help you.

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