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Revolutionary Cache System for AMP

Introducing the revolutionary cache system for AMP. It goes one step beyond AMP and It makes the AMP pages load Blazing fast!

In our test, we have seen huge improvements in the loading speed. It will work on any server and will give your audience an instant preview. It’s so fast and secure and you’ll be amazed by it.

This extension requires the AMPforWP plugin.


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Get your AMP Site Load upto 50% Faster

The Problem

Testing the AMP performance with the Industry tools.

Let’s get one thing straight, all the tools that you are using to test the performance of AMP are not yet calibrated for the AMP technology.

I am talking about the tools that people trust and rely for the data such as Google Pagespeed tools, Pingdom Tools, GTmetrix.

The benchmark that they have set for the highest performance to score 100 but it’s impossible to do that in AMP.

How can it be impossible to score 100 score?

because these tools recommend you to get rid of which is the backbone of the AMP. If we remove it then AMP won’t work, it’s just not possible.

A Revised Performance Benchmark Score for AMP

The performance tools do a great job at helping you optimize your page but if you are looking to test AMP then you should be looking at two things.

  • Key Areas to focus for AMP Performance

    1. First Dom Render
    2. Page Validation
  • Performance ToolMax Score
    Google PageSpeed91 Mobile | 97 in Desktop
    Pingdom94 (A)
    GTmetrixA (99%)

The Solution

Achieving Top Performance with AMP Cache

We have done some tests with AMP Cache plugin and here are the results.

So I will divide the results into two different kinds of audience.

1. Results in User-Friendly Format

2. In-depth results for Data Geeks

  • Test A
    First RenderTotal Time
    1.1.33 S1.56 S
    2.603 ms839 ms
    3.2.08 S2.31 S
    4.1.97 S2.21 S
    5.609 ms839 ms
    6.642 ms877 ms
    7.622 ms872 ms
    8.610 ms857 ms
    9.719 ms1.02 S
    10.648 ms938 ms
    11.745 ms1.03 S
    12.2.54 S3.37 S
    13.2.89 S3.67 S
    14.1.33 S2.24 S
    15.1.24 S1.54 S
    16.2.67 S2.97 S
    17.752 ms1.07 S
    18.759 ms1.05 S
    19.629 ms908 ms
    20.724 ms1.08 s
    Total:24.112 S31.25 S
    AVG:1.2 S1.56 S
    Info: First Render of the Page and final load time
    AMP Cache = Not Installed
    Browser Cache = Disabled
    URL: Link
    Server: Cloudways
  • Test B
    First RenderTotal Time
    1.276 ms890 ms
    2.408ms1.29 S
    3.2.08 S788 ms
    4.291 ms746 ms
    5.677 ms1.20 s
    6.507 ms992 ms
    7.470 ms1.03 s
    8.576 ms1.11 S
    9.486 ms1.01 s
    10.460 ms1.33 s
    11.494 ms977 ms
    12.492 ms1.05 s
    13.489 ms1.14 s
    14.439 ms971 ms
    15.285 ms546 ms
    16.287 ms778 ms
    17.456 ms1.10 s
    18.430 ms944 ms
    19.297 ms851 ms
    20.462 ms1.04 ms
    Total:8.536 S19.783 S
    AVG:426 ms989 ms
    Info: First Render of the Page and final load time
    AMP Cache = Installed
    Browser Cache = Disabled
    URL: Link
    Server: Cloudways
  • Test C
    Total TimeLocation
    1. 259 ms NY
    2.371 msDallas
    3. 326 msSan Francisco
    4. 642 msFrankfurt
    5. 931 msAmsterdam
    6. 731 msSao Paulo
    7. 199 msNew York
    Total: 494 ms
    Info: Final Load time checked from different locations using to make sure that we are not hitting the same location and the server.
    AMP Cache = Installed
    Browser Cache = Enabled
    URL: Link
    Server: Cloudways
  • Test D
    First RenderTotal Time
    1.469 ms766 ms
    2.205 ms205 ms
    3.216 ms216 ms
    4.224 ms224 ms
    5.236 ms236 ms
    6.143 ms221 ms
    7.207 ms207 ms
    Total:1.7 S2.075 S
    AVG:242 ms296 ms
    Info: AMP Cached pages opening for the first time and then visiting it again. This time, the data is serving from the server to the desktop
    AMP Cache = Installed
    Browser Cache = Enabled
    URL: Link
    Server: Cloudways
  • High Performance

    It drastically improves the loading speed of the AMP pages

  • Load Balancing on Server

    This not only improves the website speed but because of the method we are using, it will reduce the load on the server and allowing it to run faster.

  • Improve PageSpeed Score

    It has some built in optimizations that gives you the best pagespeed score in the AMP. ( The maximum score on AMP is 91 Mobile | 97 in Desktop )

  • Service Worker for AMP

  • Service Worker
    with AMP PWA

    Service worker is a new kind of technology which makes your site ultra fast and available for offline browsing. Our PWA for AMP extensions works great with AMP cache!

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