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How to Add Image Gallery Carousel in AMP Version

WordPress has a simple way to create Image Gallery. You can easily create a gallery with images in the media library or upload new images. And WordPress gallery is user and mobile friendly. Now Accelerated Mobile Pages also supports Image Gallery Carousel in unique Eye Catching way. In this Mini Guide Let us see How to Add Image Gallery Carousel in AMP Version.

Follow the simple steps:

Step 1 –  First, Go to  WordPress Admin Panel –> Create Now Post / Page –> Click on Add Media.

Step 2 – Next, Click on the Add Media.

Step 3 –  Click on the Create Gallary option and Existing Images or Upload New Images –> Click on Create a new gallery.

Step 4 – After that click on Insert gallery button –>Publish.

Step 5 – Successfully Image Gallery Carousel created.

  1. Carousel
  2. Carousel with Thumbnail
  3. Grid With Lightbox

First Go to WordPress admin area -> AMP option panel ->Design ->Single.

Next, Scroll down you can see this option WordPress Content Gallery.

  • Select Gallery Designs: In this option, you can select the design which you want to use in the AMP version.
  • Lightbox for Gallary: If you enable this option lightbox will be displayed in AMP.

The Output of Carousel in AMP

The Output of Carousel with Thumbnail

The Output of Grid With Lightbox

Note: The Image Gallery Carousel only works in the Swift theme

That’s it for this tutorial!

We hope it helped you. If you have any feedback or questions, then please share them in the comments section below.

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Updated on April 11, 2020

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  2. Hello,

    AMP for WP plugin is great! I really like it.

    Right now, I am having some issue on AMP carousel.

    The WordPress photo gallery gets every other photo space empty on AMP page. (Not showing photo1, photo2, and photo3 sequently. It shows photo1, empty, photo2, empty, and photo3)

    Here is an example of AMP page.

    Can you please help me to resolve this issue?

    Thank you for your help and support in advance.

    1. Hey Chico M,

      When seeing the source code I noticed a
      after every image. Please check the area once where you added the image gallery.

      And make sure there is no
      tag added.

      Thank you,
      Mohammed Kaludi

      1. Mohammed,

        Thank you very much for responding back to my question. I also noticed that there is after every image. I did not know why tag were injected. I also used WordPress standard template, Twenty Sixteen, and simply created new gallery. However, it also get same situation (photo, empty, photo, empty, photo) and there is after every image.

        As test, I simply created new post and just add gallery, then published. I did not do anything.

        Any idea or suggestion?

        I appreciate your help.


  3. There’s any way for Gutenberg Default Gallery or Jetpack Gallery Show as carousel in amp

    1. Hi William,

      If you use Gutenberg Default Gallery or Jetpack Gallery Gallery it will show carousel in the amp.

  4. I don’t see the “WordPress Content Gallery” section in Design > Single… why is that?

    1. Hi Luis,

      Will you please tell us which Design you are using.

  5. Hi,
    Do I need to have paid version for having an image gallery on my WP page?

  6. Hello, I didn’t see “WordPress Content Gallery” section on my WordPress site. I’m tried changing my theme but still doesn’t show that section.
    Can you help me, please?

    1. Hi Christian,

      Could you please tell us are you using Gutenberg editor or Classic Editor?

      1. Hi! Same problem, I use Classic Editor and AMPforWP Design Three. Galleries are displayed by code [gallery id= ]

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