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Tag: AMP

AMP Takeover

What is AMP Takeover? Why You should use this feature?

AMP as a concept has been initially utilized mainly by Google and Twitter. However these days almost every web portal wants to incorporate primarily because no one wants to lose their customers. It has been observed in numerous surveys that individuals tend to experience…

Advanced Analytics in AMP

The Definitive Guide to Add Advanced Analytics in Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Today’s world is significantly identified with two things: smartphones and internet. Both of them are so intrinsic to each other than talking about one thing in isolation is almost impossible. Any information from anywhere around the world can be accessed with the help of…

How to add Clicky analytics to the AMP site

In this article, I will show you how to add Clicky analytics to your AMP site. If you are reading further, I assume that you have some basic knowledge about WordPress functions, hooks and how they work, but I’ll explain to you which code does…

How to modify AMP plugin and make it update proof

In this blog post, I will cover how to modify AMP plugin (AMPforWP plugin) and preserve those changes and make it update proof. We will create a custom plugin and extend the functionality of AMPforWP. Our Goal: Create an Extension In this example, we…

How to enable AMP on WP Divi Theme

Divi theme is one the best popular WordPress themes; It is loaded with tons of excellent features and options in one place to create a successful site on WordPress. Many Divi users confused due to its complicated design options and ending up with incomplete SEO…


Is AMP mandatory? Is it absolutely necessary to migrate to AMP?

As everyone knows mobile is playing a significant role in the web space, there’re more searches on mobile now than on desktop on Google’s platform.  So this poses a problem for websites that are on those mobile devices because they can be Slow Loading,…


How to add Navigation Menu in AMP

The Quick loading mobile friendly pages are excellent, but if there is no Menu, the visitor will not be able to navigate through the rest of the site. Here we will see How to Add Menu on AMP pages. Before proceeding Further Make sure that you…


AMP SEO: Does AMP can help you improve SERP & SEO?

At this point, everyone knows that Google is a giving high priority for Mobile-friendly pages. While everyone was busy in making mobile friendly pages, Google comes up with the great open source initiative called Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). There are two benefits behind this important…


How to Enable AMP on WP Newspaper Theme by TagDiv

ThemeForest Newspaper Theme by tagDiv is one of the best premium themes for WordPress. Newspaper theme built for content-rich sites. This very popular theme used by thousands of WordPress bloggers. We found that most newspaper theme users are not technical enough (But Not you),…


Guide to E-Commerce for AMP

Why AMP? The majority of people browsing the internet on mobile, in 2G or sometimes 3G. Google came up with a great initiative called Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), It is innovated to solve the biggest problem of the mobile web – Speed. AMP is the perfect…