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I found an issue How do i report it?

If you found any issue regarding AMPforWP plugin, you can create an issue on our Github Repository which is available on our Github Link Here

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Updated on March 17, 2018

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  1. Hi,

    I have an issue in regards with Contact form 7 in AMP page. The required fields validation is not working. Even though the field is required, when I hit submit button even if the required field is empty it redirects me to the thank you page. It shouldn’t be that way. It must have an error message saying “The field is required.” just like the original page.

    Original page is working fine only the amp page is not working. Please advice.

    Below are the links of the page
    Original Page:
    AMP Page:

    Looking forward in your prompt response.

    1. Hi Charlyn Alvarez,

      Are you using the latest version of our CF7 extension?
      And still if you are facing issue/problem then contact our technical team – they will help you as soon as possible

    1. Hi Luis Navarrete,

      Will you please enable Duplicate Featured Image option by using this option it helps to remove the duplicate featured images.

      For this follow these steps WordPress dashboard -> AMP option panel -> Advance Settings -> Enable Duplicate Featured Image option like below the screenshot ->

      And still, if you are facing issues/problems then contact our technical team - they will help you as soon as possible.

  2. I installed the AMP plugin for Ninja. When i am running AMP in standard mode, the date selector does not appear. If i run it in transitional mode, the date selector appears if i select “view page as AMP”. How do i get the date selector to appear in standard mode?

    1. Hi Rob Bresnik,

      Okay, but we don’t know why the date is not appearing in the standard mode. Why don’t you try our AMPforWP plugin and we are sure that the date will appear and also you will have a lot of extra features also in our plugin.

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