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Facebook Instant Articles in AMP

This tutorial will guide you to configure Instant Articles (FBIA) with AMPforWP plugin.

How to configure Instant Articles?

Follow the Step for Instant Articles:

Step 1 – From the dashboard we go to left hand side in Menu bar go to AMP option panel -> Click on Settings Option -> Ones you enable this Instant Articles option it will be display all option of Facebook Instant Articles Settings on the screen.

Step 2 – In this Facebook Instant Articles Feed URL option insert Feed URL.

Step 3 – In this option you need to insert Your Facebook Page ID. Follow These instructions. to sign up to Instant Articles and get your Facebook Page ID.

Then Submit this feed URL to instant articles

Step 4 – Click on the “Save Changes” button.

Important Notes :

  • Ones you follow the basic set up of  Facebook Instant Articles Setup it  will be work on your Instant Articles.
  • Go to the Settings ->Permalinks and Resave the permalinks.
  • Above  steps are basic set up,  if you want Advance setup you can then follow the steps below.

How to configure Advance Set Up

1. Facebook Instant Articles Settings in this option you can add extra setting related Instant Articles likes Number of Posts, Author Meta, Author Bio, Related Articles.

3. Facebook Instant Articles Settings ->Number of Posts  in this option you can add number posts like 500 , 1000, 10000. if you leave this empty it will generate all post(500).

4. If you enable Author Meta option are displayed at the top of the article  like author of your instant article.

5. Ones you enable Author Bio option it will be display image of author, Name of author and description about author at the end of the instant article.

6. Enable Related Articles option it will display related articles show at the bottom of the instant articles.

How to configure Advertisement

  1. To setup Ads in FBIA, enable the “Advertisement” From AMP options Panel-> Settings-> Instant Articles -> enable the Advertisement option.
  2.  Enable Advertisement option it will show advertising on Instant Article pages.
  3. Ones you enable Advertisement option it will show other option related to Advertisement.

4.When you click on  Select Advertisement Format option list will be  show. select  the type of advertisement on instant article page you want to display.

5. Ones you select the Facebook Audience Network you need to add Audience Network Placement ID. By using Facebook Audience Network  you can generate Placement IDs and integrate Audience Network ads within your Instant Articles.

6. Select the Custom iframe URl add Custom iframe ad source URL.

7. Select the Custom Embed Code option. By using this option you can add your Custom Embed ad code. 

8. When you select this option  list will be show. You can select how frequently you’d like ads to appear in your article by changing the ad density. If nothing is specified, the ad density will default to one ad per 250 words.

  • default (250 word gap which offers high ad density)
  • medium (350 word gap which offers medium ad density)
  • low (500 word gap which offers low ad density)

How to configure Analytics

If you want to add Analytics in FBIA, then enable the “Analytics option” from AMP options Panel->  Settings-> Instant Articles ->Facebook Instant Articles Settings.

  1. Enable Analytics code can be added to your Instant Article. ones you enable this option you need to enter the Analytics  script code in the text box and save.
  2. By using Analytics option you can track of visitors.

How to configure Crawler Ingestion

Go to AMP options Panel ->  Settings -> Instant Articles -> Facebook Instant Articles Settings -> Crawler Ingestion.

If it is Facebook Article have Instant Articles then  it will automatically add meta tag (ia:markup_url)  .

Go to AMP options Panel ->  Settings -> Instant Articles -> Facebook Instant Articles Settings -> Custom HTML in Head Tag.

1.In this option you can Add custom HTML in Head , Body  and Footer section  in Instant Articles.

once you completed all configuration click on the Save Changes button.

That’s it for this tutorial!

We hope it helped you. If you have any feedback or questions, then please share them in the comments section below.

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Updated on February 3, 2020

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