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Search Console Reporting Duplicate Titles with AMP

A lot of people have been reporting ‘Duplicate Title’ tag issue in the AMP version. This error has been reported specifically under the ‘HTML Improvements’ section of Google Search console. And It’s not just our plugin, it’s been happening with every AMP user in the World.

You have to understand that AMP is supposed to show the same content, title, and description as it is on the main page. You wouldn’t want to serve different content on AMP & Non-AMP version, right?

So, the question is how to solve this?

From my experience, the search console should not report these errors in the first place. The reason why I say this is because we are already using canonical tag properly on AMP. So, you should not at all worry about the content duplication. AMP is very new and I think Search console is yet to calibrate to it.

I have also researched this on the web and went through the google webmaster forums. Here are my findings:

Barry Hunter on this thread is saying “They are duplicate, so can be reported as such. … doesn’t mean its problem. You’ve got canonical setup. You can move on to worrying about something else.”

We still don’t have an official word from Google on this. but I will keep on updating this document when I have something worth sharing on this topic.

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Updated on July 26, 2017

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    1. I have this problem with my recent post. What makes me wonder is that only a single post is reported as having duplicate title and description metas. You really can’t trust Google when they say it’s ok…

    2. Indeed it is reporting both having duplicate title tags and description tags. I thought there is a workaround for this but so far the most clear answer I got is from your website.

      Thanks a lot! (such error was seen in my site with only 4 posts out of the 60+ from

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