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Does the page has warnings appear in Google search results?

Yes, your page will appear on Google Search results even if you have warnings.

But if you have any errors on your website then it will not appear in Google Search result and if you have any warning there is no problem in search results.

Below the screenshot, you can see there are two warnings then also those two pages will appear in Google Search results

That’s it for this tutorial!

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Updated on June 25, 2019

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  1. my website show 27 error on how I can fix this.
    The author stylesheet specified in tag ‘style amp-custom’ is too long – the limit is 50000 bytes. this is the error on my Google Search Console

    1. Hi Aashutosh Pandey,

      Will you please provide us the URL of your website so will check from where you are getting issues and help you.

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