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What is AMP Email and How to use them in WordPress?

This is an AMP Email extension to convert your simple mail HTML to AMP Version HTML.AMP for email is the latest innovation in email that allows senders to include AMP components inside rich engaging emails, making modern app functionality available within email. The AMP email format provides a subset of AMPHTML components for use in email messages, that allows recipients of AMP emails to interact dynamically with content directly in the message.

Step 1: First, you need to Install and activated AMPforWp plugin

Step 2: If you want to add AMP Email plugin in WordPress then first you need to purchase and install AMP Email plugin.

Step 3: After installation on AMP Email all emails will Automatically convert in AMP Version Email.

Benefits of AMP Email

AMP for email could be a game-changer, and promises to “make email more engaging, relevant, and actionable.”

  • Design interactive components for email using a large library of supported AMP components like amp-carousel, amp-form, amp-bind, amp-list and more
  • Help your content stay up-to-date and interactive for your users.
  • Create more engaging and actionable email experiences
Benefits of AMP for Email

The biggest benefit is that AMP allows users to quickly take action right through the email, without having to visit a separate landing page.

The Output of the AMP Email

That’s it for this tutorial!

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Updated on October 22, 2019

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