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How to add App layout themes in AMPforWP (with AMP Layouts)

AMP Layouts is a revolutionary modular layout system built for AMP that makes easy to create your own AMP design.

It’s got a pre-built design for every use case with customizability options and requires no coding.

Follow the simple steps to Install AMP Layouts plugin.

  • Download and Install from the account area.
  • Upload and Activate
  • Done! The AMP Layouts will be visible on the AMP version of your site.

Step 1: First go to WordPress Admin Area -> AMP option panel -> Design -> Theme -> Make sure to select Swfit theme.

Scroll down a little to see AMP Layouts.

Step 2:  Now you can see the AMP Layouts you need to select the App layout and click on the import button.

Once you import the AMP layout complete design will be changed like header, footer, the single design you can check the below screenshot.

To Get the AMP Page Builder Pre-built AMP layout.

Step 3: Create a new page in the WordPress dashboard. Scroll down a little to see AMP Page builder click on Pre-built AMP Layout button.

Step 4: Once you click on the Pre-built AMP Layout button Layout directory will be displayed which layout you want just need to select click on View layout button. 

Step 5:  First click on the preview button for checking the layout (design) if you like that layout then click on the import button.

Step 6: Once you click on the import button alert message will appear. If you want to import new layout then click on ok button.

Step 7: Once you import the App layout these modules will be inserted on AMP Page builder and click on the update button. 

If you want to show this page on your homepage of AMP site then you need to turn on the static front page from general settings and select that page, which you have built with Elegance layout and that will be displayed on your AMP homepage.

Go to AMP option panel -> Settings -> General -> Enable Homepage option

The Output of App layout themes in AMPforWP:

That’s it for this tutorial!

We hope it helped you. If you have any feedback or questions, then please share them in the comments section below.

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Updated on July 10, 2019

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