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How To Create A Child Theme For AMP

The following are the steps To Create A Child Theme For AMP ( to override a file of AMP ).

Step 1:

Create a folder name “ampforwp” in your theme which you are currently using.

e.g: if you are using twenty seventeen theme then you have to create ampforwp folder in the twenty seventeen theme folder

The directory will look like

ex:wp-content/themes/twenty seventeen/ampforwp

Step 2:

Add the file which you want to override in this folder.

For example: If you want to override single.php add your single.php in this folder and it will override the single.php of your AMP. ( Suppose you have Design-2 then this file will override the single.php of Design-2).

Similarly, you can override any file you want.

You can even override files according to post type and taxonomy. For more details Check here.

Updated on May 11, 2018

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