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Announcing Contact Form 7 Extension for AMP

We are always working hard, trying to listen to users and their feedback. We then try our best to solve those problems with extensions and core updates. Today, I’m proud to announce a seamless and out of the box “Contact Form 7 Integration for AMP“. It makes…

Announcing AMP Comments Form Extension

Our team is always working hard to help each and every user with their problems. It takes a lot of time trying to listen and help individuals and then align the product according to their needs. There are few nuts that we are trying hard…

Free Extension: AMP Category Base Remove Support

Many users are using the plugin but have decided to remove the category slug from the category archive permalinks, which was causing an issue. But this was not the usual use case, so instead of adding it into the core plugin, we decided to make…

Advanced AMP Ads: Major Changes + More AD Networks Support

In a nutshell, Instead of creating extensions for each AD network, we decided to focus on one extension. With Advanced AMP Ads, you can add any AD network in the world! and we’re still improving it. We planned to add more Ad networks support by creating individual…

AMP 0.9 Released – The AMP Pagebuilder

Today, we’re pushing a big update which was under development since last two months. This is a big step forward for AMP users. We have fixed a lot of things but one of the important thing that was implemented in this was AMP page…

AMP Telegram Community

Introducing AMP Community – Let’s Do It Together

This is Ahmed Kaludi, co-developer of the AMP plugin. Today we are creating a public chat group where AMP users, developers, core developers and rest of the WP community can discuss the AMP. You are the most important part of the AMP plugin. You are…

What is in next Accelerated Mobile Pages plugin update V0.8.6?

AMP Toolbox – Accelerated Mobile Pages plugin update is on the way. We are planning to add below features and fix bugs in the next update which is coming on 18th October. Features: – Add Comments button in AMP post layout. – Related posts below…

AMP 0.8.4 Released – Structured Data Validation

We are excited to release 0.8.4 of AMP Toolbox. With this update, the validation in Webmaster tools is even better. Here is the highlight of this update: Structured Data Validation This was one of the common problems for validation and was fixed in this update….

AMP 0.8 Released – The Change

Accelerated Mobile Pages 0.8 version is released! You can update it from your plugins menu or download the fresh copy from the plugin repo. It will give you a notification to install AMP plugin by Automattic, so just install and activate it. We have made some…

Introducing Priority Support for AMP

This is one of those projects that we have been very passionate about, but it is really hard to manage it with our full time job. We have been getting alot of requests from people who want us to help them with their AMP version, so…

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