Introducing ‘LevelUP’ – New Opensource Project to Help you achieve 100% Performance – AMP for WordPress

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We have been working on a new project called “LevelUP“, which I am very passionate about and have been planning for almost a year.

It’s an AMP WordPress theme which is built on the WordPress theme standards. It fully opensource, built on new AMPHTML standards but you don’t need any special knowledge to use it or customize it.

The LevelUP theme is the best and easiest way to build AMP first WordPress websites, it will give you an edge over other people and the performance you need in the long term.

The Purpose

We decided to build a lightweight theme for everyone which is realistically focused on Performance and SEO.

The purpose of this project is to create a framework which we can build the next generation sites which are optimized for the mobile and the desktop but takes advantage of the other web technologies as well.


1. Valid AMP First Site

View AMP test results

2. 100/100 PageSpeed Score on Mobile & Desktop

View Pagespeed results

3. ‘A’ Score on GTmetrix

View GTmetrix results


4. 91 – 95 on Pingdom Score

View Pingdom results

5. Actively Development Roadmap

We are going to build some huge features on top of this theme and Your feedback will play an important part in it.

More features

  • Lightweight
  • Secure & Stable
  • Lighthouse Tested
  • PWA & offline support
  • Powerful Options Panel
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Uses WP Theme Standards
  • Easy to customize for developers


1. For Publishers & Webmasters

It’s the best theme for bloggers and publishers who need a theme which they can build and maintain their sites in the long term so they can focus on the content and SEO.

2. Freelancers & Agencies

You can build your clients sites easily with the help of LevelUP theme framework. It will allow you to build highly customized AMP-First theme as a solution for your clients and customers.

3. WP Developers

As a Theme or Plugin developers, you can create an AMP custom theme and sell it as a solution without dealing with the worries of the complexities of the AMP because this theme’s framework will take care of it for you. We will list down your themes and help you sell it for you.

It will always be free and Opensource

Download it for free as it’s available on theme repository and give it a try and share your feedback here.

The opensource project is listed on Github and available for bug reports and feature requests.

We need your Support

We want to continue to develop this project but we need your feedback and thoughts on this project. We want to build this into the number one framework to build the WordPress themes and futuristic sites.

Thanks again for reading this far.

Please share this project and help us spread the word.

Thank you,