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Compatibilty Program

We are taking an important initative to make 3rd party plugins & themes to be perfectly compatible with AMP.

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CM Tooltip Glossary

tool-tips explain the meaning of individual terms to users when they click on a term or move the cursor over it.

In principle, Wikipedia is structured in the same way – here you can see an example:

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  1. Yuri Strelchenko says:

    CM Tooltip Glossary is really the best plugin for working with glossaries.
    I have studied all the plugins related to glossaries, and this one has an incredible amount of features and settings.
    Yes, its internal interface looks outdated in some places, but nevertheless the set of features offered is amazing.
    Developers do not drop support and development of the plugin, it is periodically updated.
    Alas, it does not support AMP.

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