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0.9.40 Released – Biggest Stability Update [46th Update]

This is one of the biggest stability updates. You should update to this version real quick! Let’s quickly see what’s changed: Proper endpoints added [Improvement] Flush Rewrites properly [Improvement] REL Canonical properly getting added. [Improvement] Proper Frontpage Canonical added [Improvement] Added Base name support for categories…

Too Many Redirects & Other Redirection Issues

Hey Guys, Thank you so much for the amazing love & support.  Today, I would share the current status of the development of AMP for WP plugin. Recreating the issue The users are using the AMP for WP and it is working fine without any problems….

Modify Homepage Posts Loop of AMP Version the Right Way

This tutorial is a part of the developer’s documentation. It is recommended that you have some knowledge of coding before you proceed because we don’t want to break your live sites 😉 – If coding isn’t your thing then you should forward this tutorial…

You can now use Advanced Custom Fields with AMP

We have been getting a lot of request from users to have their existing ACF fields show up on their AMP version. This was really crucial because many websites rely on ACF for displaying the data, so we decided to build an extension for this….

0.9.38 Released – Google Tag Manager [45th Update]

The last update was all about fixing and making the code much more stable. This update is more about a new feature that was requested by the community. We have included Google Tag manager support for AMP. Let’s see what has improved in this plugin: Google…