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How to Enable RTL in AMP

There are few languages written and read from right to left (RTL) direction, such as Arabic, Hebrew, Urdu, Farsi, and others. Enabling RTL in AMP is quite simple and we would like to guide you on how to Enable RTL in AMP in this mini guide….


How to Change/Disable Non-AMP Version Text in Footer

As default AMP displays the View Non-AMP Version Link in the footer, When user clicks on it the page reloads with standard mobile site. For, any reason if you want to Change/Disable View Non-AMP Version text then follow the instructions below. First, make sure that you…

How to exclude a page or post from AMP?

The default AMP plugin behavior is that it will display all published posts and pages in Mobile friendly version. This will usually work fine for bloggers/webmasters, but sometimes we might want to exclude Post and Page like about, contact, our team pages from the AMP. So,…

AMP 0.8.8 Released – Translation Panel

Hey There, We are excited to announce the release of 0.8.6 version update. Here is the list of improvements Translation Panel added. You can now easily translate the AMP version from the backend without any complications. Badge Tag was throwing Validation error Plusone tag validation…

How to enable AMP on WP Divi Theme

Divi theme is one the best popular WordPress themes; It is loaded with tons of excellent features and options in one place to create a successful site on WordPress. Many Divi users confused due to its complicated design options and ending up with incomplete SEO…