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AMP Released – NextGEN Gallery Validation

Hey there, this is just a quick minor update which mostly covers new validation fixes and couple of important stuff. NextGEN Gallery Validation Support Added Validation issue fixed: ‘Value’ tag Validation issue fixed: ‘Value’ tag Validation issue fixed: The attribute ‘contenteditable’ may not appear in…

What is in next Accelerated Mobile Pages plugin update V0.8.6?

AMP Toolbox – Accelerated Mobile Pages plugin update is on the way. We are planning to add below features and fix bugs in the next update which is coming on 18th October. Features: – Add Comments button in AMP post layout. – Related posts below…

AMP 0.8.5 Released – The 0.4 Compatibility

Hey guys, really happy to say that we have been able to fix the structured data validation once in for all. Plus, we are introducing an improved page exclude feature. Here is the highlight of this update: AMP 0.4 Compatibility Check We have tested…


Step-By-Step Guide for How to Insert ADS between post content in AMP

There is no need to mention why Adsense in important in websites. In the previous post, we have discussed on How to Activate AMP on WordPress site, Google Analytic for AMP and Customizing AMP, Many bloggers asking for How to add advertisements in the middle of the content…


Step-By-Step Guide to Implementing AMP on WordPress

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), a simple and elegant solution that can streamline the information much faster without all the extra baggage that a typical website has. It loads instantly and dramatically improves the performance of the mobile sites. AMP is an open source initiative…