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How to add custom CSS in AMP with Hooks

If you want to modify the output of the AMP pages and want to add custom CSS into your AMP design, then there are two ways you can do that. Add it via custom CSS area built into the plugin or use hooks to add…

0.9.36 Released – Stability Update [43rd Update]

This has been one of the best days, we’re releasing the second update of the day. It’s 2:29 AM as we speak and makes me very happy that this update fixes a lot of the problem with the white screen of death and redux conflicts. Let’s…

0.9.35 Released – Page Builder Realtime preview & 3rd party Plugins Compatibility [42nd Update]

We have been working very productively and we were able to do some great improvements into this update. Let’s have a look at Change log: Customizer page builder (Design Manager) was not showing real-time preview, we have fixed this issue properly [Bug fix] Attachment page was…

0.9.33 Released – Debug Errors & Shortcodes

It’s been a long week of improvements on AMP for WP plugin. Let’s have a look at Change log: Mobile was not working with Newspaper theme by Tagdiv [Bugfix] Debug errors fixed, Code is now much cleaner. New rewrite rules for homepage pagination. It…

AMP Validation Errors and Solutions – Troubleshooting Google AMP Search Console

Google AMP as you know is the latest technology to help accelerate the mobile pages, but it has strict standards as to what you can do, just like any good technology. AMP does not stop you from using your creativity. You can literally do anything…