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Become a Beta Tester & Help us push Stable Updates

We have introduced a Beta Testing Group where people will be testing out the beta version of the plugin and report back the results to our development team which will help us push stable updates of the plugin!

Our Process

We are dedicatedly working towards pushing stable updates.

The fixes and the improvements are done by our development team are tested by themselves and then they are forwarded to the Lead developer who personally tests every single code commit to makes sure that the code meets the WordPress standards, so we can deliver a stable update of code and features. 

Our detailing to customer support gives us a special ability to look for the bugs, understand them and fix them before they are noticed by the majority of the users.  

The Problem

The faster we fix the bug, better it is for the user and our team.

We are spending a lot of time in fixing and testing but still, it turns out that our test environments are not as efficient as a group of 100000 different people with unique setup would be.

Meaning, we're unable to know all the bugs before the release.

For example, A piece of code would solve a problem for 45% of the audience but then it might break the 0.25% - 0.5% of the users who were using the plugin smoothly.  

We're spending hours trying to find the issues which might occur in the future it's becoming nearly impossible to predict each and every scenario.

Each person and their setup is unique and so are the issues and their use-cases.

We want to continue the development at a rapid pace so I think a beta testing group would definitely make sense.

The Solution

We are creating a Public Beta group and we are inviting all the Developers, Designers, Webmasters, Tinkerers and WP enthusiasts who are either using or are interested in using the AMPforWP plugin.

We need your help in testing out the development version, so we can fix the bugs before the release.

Here's how it will work:

  • We will have more than 100+ but a limited number of beta testers on a Telegram Group
  • Our Development team & our lead developers will be on that group as well.
  • We will announce the update milestone and release schedule as well.
  • When a Github ticket is ready to review, our developer will notify about it on the group, so everyone can download that code from GitHub and test it and write your feedback on the Github.

How to become a Beta Tester?

Explore the behind the scenes and Communicate with our development team and the beta testers group.

Join Beta Testing Group

Why should you become a Beta Tester?

Your tests will help us push stable updates to more than 130000 websites.

We will reduce the number of errors and problems occurred by the updates which will help us improve the website of you and your client.

Who should apply for Beta Testing?

If you are a developer or working for an agency and you have deployed AMP on clients site, then you should definitely join the group because it will indirectly help you and your client.

If you are a webmaster or a publisher, then you must test it out on your staging environment which will help you directly.

If you are a WordPress enthusiast or an internet junkie, then you should definitely join because it'll help you learn new things and aspects of AMP.