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Advertisement or Responsive AD units in AMP

How to enable?

It’s very simple to just enable the Ad of the particular place where you want to place the Ads Follow the simple steps.

First, go to WordPress admin area ->AMP option panel -> Settings -> Advertisement.

In the Advertisement section, we provide users to place Ad in 6 possible places. These are free Ads option you can display your ads in 6 places.

Where can I place the Ads?

You can place the Ads in 6 different positions.

  1. Below the Header (SiteWide)
  2. Below the Footer (SiteWide)
  3. Above the Post Content (Single Post)
  4. Below the Post Content (Single Post)
  5. Below The Title (Single Post)
  6. Above the Related Posts (Single Post)

How to add the Ad code?

Enable the Ad of your preferred position and add the “AD Size”, “Data AD Client” and “Data AD Slot” given by Adsense.

Ad size

Note: It supports only Adsense.

You can enable all the Ads at the same time as well.

Responsive Ads unit

You can enable responsive ads for each advertisement by enabling the “Responsive Ad unit” option present in each Advertisement slot present in the AMP option panel -> SettingsAdvertisement.

Optimize For Viewability

You can increase the loading speed of the Ads by enabling the “Optimize For Viewability” option present in AMP option panel -> SettingsAdvertisement.

Sponsorship Label

Another special thing about these ads is you can even add the Label on Ads like Sponsored, Advertisement, etc..,

The above options can be seen In the picture below.

In-Content Ads or Custom Ads

If you want to Add the Ads in between the content or Ads of other companies or Custom Ads then you need this extension. Advanced AMP Ads

And you can find its tutorials here: Advanced AMP Ads Tutorials

That’s it for this tutorial!

We hope it helped you. If you have any feedback or questions, then please share them in the comments section below.

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Updated on May 29, 2019

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    1. Hi Alexandra Groot,

      In our AMPforWP plugin, we are providing six slots of Ads if you want to add more ads then you need to install AdsforWP plugin in which we have a lot of features and that will work in AMP and also in non-amp version.

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