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How to Setup Navigation Menu?

We have created a Seperate Navigation menu for AMP version which you can setup from the WordPress Menus, then navigate to Menu Locations, their you will notice AMP Menu. You can assign existing menus to this locations.


It will cause Duplicate content?

In the AMP version, we are using Canonical tag to solve this. I am 100% sure that using this plugin will not duplicate the content.

I have addded /?amp at the end of the url and still I am not able to see the AMP version of my site?

Please check if you have “Pretty Permalinks” enabled. If not then activate it.


Is it just enough to install it and the plugin will do the rest?

After you see the minimalist view if you use the url with ?amp then it means that it has been installed properly. You dont need any extra steps to enable it.


How do I know that my site is AMP enabled?

Add /?amp at the end of your website url and you will get amp version of your website.


How do I report Bug reports?

Before you submit a new bug, please check if there already is an existing bug report for it. If so, it may be far more valuable to add to the existing one, than to create a new bug report. You can submit bug reports and feature requests at GitHub Issues Page.

If you have any other questions, please use the contact us form