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Estimated Release: 5th December 2016

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How to Add Image Gallery Carousel in AMP Version

WordPress has a simple way to create Image Gallery.You can easily create a gallery with images in the media library or upload new images. And WordPress gallery is user and mobile friendly. Now Accelerated Mobile Pages also supports Image Gallery Carousel in unique Eye Catching way. In...


AMP 0.9 Released – The AMP Pagebuilder

Today, we’re pushing a big update which was under development since last two months. This is a big step forward for AMP users. We have fixed a lot of...

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How to Implement AMP with CloudFlare

Visitors can browse a site at top speeds by integrating CloudFlare on your website. CloudFlare is a Content Delivery Network (CDN) that sends traffic via its global network which will automatically optimize the delivery of your site content. Today  we would...